Last Updated: 21st February 2017
Storefronts currently surfaced:
UK: Crunchyroll (CR), Bookwalker (BW), eManga (EM), Kobo (KO), Comixology (CX), Shonen Jump (SJ), Dark Horse (DH), Amazon (AZ), CD Japan (CD), Sublime (SB), June (JN), ComicWalker (CW).
US: Crunchyroll (CR), Bookwalker (BW), eManga (EM), CD Japan (CD), Sublime (SB), June (JN), Barnes and Noble (BN), ComicWalker(CW).
NOTE: US file still in development.

* Fix Amazon, Dark Horse and Shonen Jump Scraping (Currently broken due to site changes)
* Make result links go to the series itself (If possible), not a generic URL for the store!
* Another storefront planned for the near future is iBooks. (I thought this was going to be easy by mayyyybe not)
* Enhance the US corpus further!
* Add interaction to the recommendations.
* Much more besides!!!
* To make suggestions, please use the contact form linked from the homepage. All are gratefully recieved!


21st February 2017
* Oh man, so much going on!
* Barnes and Noble is now being Indexed! This is a US site, and the US corpus is now a LOT more robust!
* In fact, the US corpus is now a lot better and it it is being actively updated! yay!
* The site now Indexes ComicWalker, which is nearly meaningless as it publishes like 3 chapters a month but hey, why not.
* I did a load of background work to speed up loading! The site should now load faster, especially on slower connections.
* The site now indexes the US Comixology too!
* Updated the hyperlinks to (where I cannot link directly to a series page) it runs a search on the storefront for the title! This should hopefully help with hunting down series as dumping people on the homepage kinda sucked.

6th February 2017
* Now tracking the Digital Manga Yaoi imprint, June. This was a nice easy addition!
* The site is now also fully automated, so updates are a LOT more frequent now.
* I am looking into re-creating the US search, as the current database is VERY outdated and I did not have time to properly code that workflow.

30th January 2017
* Cripes, what a month, eh?
* A lot of work has gone into boring backend stuff you dont need to care about, but has sapped my energies.
* The site is nearly, NEARLY fully automated, which would allow for more work on actual real deal features!
* Also the Viz Media Yaoi imprint Sublime has been added, big shoutouts to that site for having nice clean HTML and titles to make it easy to scrape. Also the community there seem really nice!

9th January 2017
* Site is now HTTPS by default, because why not?

6th January 2017
* All the time between the last update and now basically never existed. Got it? Good.
* Currently working on site automation so it can keep working when I am not there to pull the levers.
* Strictly I should have done this a long time ago, but I was lazy.
* Once this is done I can move back on to the priorites listed above!

8th November 2016
* Database update! Lots of stuff added!
* New URL! is our new home.
* will continue to work, and the Page heading will dynamically reflect the URL you used to access the site as I thought that would be neat.
* Why the URL change, you ask? Well, whenever I talked about the site people would laugh at me when I mentioned the URL. :(

30th October 2016
* Well, it has been a while since there was a substantial update to the site!
* Things have been a bit busy personally for the last few months, hence the lack of updates.
* However! The site database has been updated today and is now a lot more up to date.
* A lot of changes have occured in the backend that also make my tools a lot more robust. This will speed up future work.
* Scraping from Amazon and Shonen Jump is currently broken. I have my "Last good" information in the current database file but new additions to these storefronts since Late July will not be reflected.
* CD Japan has also been added as a storefront!

26th July 2016
* Added a recommendation block on the website page- this pulls a random recommendation when you refresh the page.
* This is currently uninteractive and I hope to add that in later.
* Also I need to add more recommendations, there are only 3 at the moment!

18th July 2016
* Bookwalker and Shounen Jump links also go straight to the series! That was easy!

17th July 2016
* Crunchyroll links now go straight to that series, not just a generic landing page!
* This functionality will be extended to other storefronts in time.

13th July 2016
* I know I have missed a few updates here, oops!
* Made some minor improvements to the display of the site, More to do later on.
* Lots of work on improving the backend of the site and its data scraping tools, currently ongoing.

14th June 2016
* The beginnings of the US corpus are in place!
* Only 3 storefronts surfaced currently but more to come as I re-write my scripts to accommodate.

13th June 2016
* Amazon added as a storefront! This took a lot of work to add and I'm happy it is now available!
* While I have put a lot of checks in place there may be errors in titles and display - if you notice any, please do not hesitate to met me know and I will correct them.

12th June 2016
* Added a region selector to the front page - thank you to the person who suggested this to our feedback form!
* This region selector hopefully highlights that the site is currently UK only, however the logic is in place to take advantage in the future when we have more regions indexed!
* Currently working on Amazon. The wide range of formatting for the titles is making this a royal pain, hence why it is not ready yet.

7th May 2016
* Added Dark Horse to the list of indexed Storefronts!
* This was an UTTER GIT because the store is poor at letting you know about regional restrictions attached to its titles.
* As such, this took a little work to get going.
* There are still some glaring omissions to the storefronts scraped, so time to get to work on that!

11th April 2016
* Added Comixology to the list of indexed Storefronts!
* Comixology was really easy to add because they have good site design and title cleanliness. Good job, Comixology.
* As before, if you notice any issues, please let us know!
* Also added Shonen Jump! Another easy addition.

10th April 2016
* Added Kobo to the list of indexed storefronts!
* Adding Kobo has added ~1200 entries to the database file, and doubled its size!
* The Kobo storefont had a number of "non-manga" items within its manga selection and a wide range of various confounding text in its titles.
* As such, please be on the lookout for titles that do not display properly, or garbage entries. I have put in quite a lot of work to weed these out, but some may remain.
* As always, you can get in contact via the feedback form, or Twitter! Both are linked to from the home page.

5th April 2016
* Fixed Crunchyroll so they have all their titles. The scraper was only pulling 20 of them as it was directed to a page that Crunchy dont appear to be keeping up to date. All CR titles are now present in search!
* Fixed Bookwalkers icon so it stops blowing out search result dropdown

4th April 2016
* Fixed Domain redirect nonsense so it doesnt use an iframe.
* Updated the CSS on the main page to have a nicer search bar.

v0.10 - 3rd April 2016
* Site "soft launch"
* Initial website created, initial CSS Generated.
* Crunchyroll, Bookwalker, eManga added to the site.
* Results currently link to the generic "Landing Page" of the storefront in question
* "Bug" icons present to pictorially show which storefront an entry links to.
* Lots more work to do!